One of the leaders in the energy power-plant field, Derwick Associates is recognized for its experience and expertise. Through years of practice over many different projects, our expert team of project managers has overseen the design, procurement, construction, operation and management of many power-plants across Venezuela. Over the years, these activities have allowed Derwick to acquire experience in: Logistics.

Energy Cargo 2000, Derwick’s Logistics Division, guarantees the safe transport of equipment to its final destination. We specialize in oversized cargo carriers that meet all the standards required by the manufacturer for the mobilization and handling of units.
Energy Cargo 2000 services include:

  • Land, sea and air transport
  • Packing and storage of any type of cargo.
  • Land and route analysis for oversized and heavy loads.
  • Specialized equipment.
  • Global insurance.

With the support of Energy Cargo 2000, you will also have the following services:

  • Customs services and import and export requirements.
  • Real - Time shipment monitoring. 
  • Ability to meet any customer-requested Incoterm.
  • Consolidation of cargo.
  • Handling of hazardous cargo.
  • Expertise in logistics of EPC projects